Channing Conger
1280 Lawrence Station Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Work Experience
Palo Alto, CA
May - September 2014
Introduced a build process and the front-end framework React.js to the web application.
Removed and absorbed antiquated PHP into the new Python and Torando backend.
Built a flow control wrapper which allowed heavy non-async code to use the evented nature of Tornado.
Tweaked Nginx and Web Server configuration and deployment to improve throughput and performance.
Out of Worlds
Sunnyvale, CA
December 2013 - May 2014
Founder / Engineer
Prototyped a WebGL based 3D online multiplayer game using Three.js.
Implemented lag mitigating network prototcol in JS and Go over Websockets.
Built a persistent store backend in Go utilizing Redis for game state storage.
Created my own assets and content using Blender.
500Friends Inc
San Francisco, CA
August 2013 - December 2013
Senior Software Engineer
Built a platform for cross-compiling an extension to Chrome, Firefox and IE.
Rebuilt templating and branding system for extensions.
Rockmelt Inc
Mountain View, CA
November 2010 - August 2013
Software Engineer
Prototyped, designed and developed the core of Rockmelt's web application.
Lead engineer of the Rockmelt web application team as we grew from 1 to 5.
Evaluated Javascript libraries and reverse engineered performance limitations.
Worked on integrating Facebook features into native UI of our Chromium derivative browser.
Hun Management
San Francisco, CA
July - November 2010
Platform Engineer
Optimized and refactored the existing C++ trading platform code.
Worked with the trading staff in developing strategies on the trading platform.
Reverse engineered remote service implementations for optimal entry of orders during market open.
Moved trading platform into managed source control (Git).
Microsoft Corp
Issaquah, WA
January - June 2009
Software Development Engineer Intern
Developed the user interface for a client/server platform tool to remotely manage environment variables.
Designed, developed and deployed an ASP.NET and WCF powered web application for managing email subscriptions.
Bridged three separate teams and their services to create the above unified subscription manager.
Contributed to high volume database synchronization messaging platform.
Maintained our team's 50+ server development and test laboratory.
Google Inc
Pheonix, AZ
January - August 2008
IT Field Technician Intern
Designed and deployed award-winning prototype chat system for automation in the Field Tech organization.
Contributed to a Ruby on Rails application for indexing and registration of internal applications.
Supported engineering and sales offices in the Southwest Region of the US both remotely and locally.
Consulted with engineers on second tier support issues, identifying requirements and implementing solutions.
Prototyped a Ruby on Rails contact application for maintaining variable admittance to personal data.
Fisher Investments
Woodside, CA
August - September 2007
IT Associate
Rotated through various positions in the IT department to expand knowledge and experience.
Supported the business as a service desk technician.
Designed the roll out of a MS Team Foundation Server for our application development teams.
Provided support for servers via the Microsoft Operations Manager Console and WSUS.
Domain Skills
Strong Languages
Rusty Languages
Sublime Text
Mac OS X
Digital Ocean
Northeastern University
Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Science
GPA 3.6/4.0
Deans List 2006-2010
Named One of Top 100 Influential Seniors
Received one of sixteen 2010 Outstanding Co-op Awards
First Place in 2010 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition