Channing Conger
San Francisco, CA
December 2014 - Present
Senior Software Engineer - L6
typescript go js
Developed PoC deployment of OpenConnect-like caching host for improving Twitch's video replication network
Architected, documented, and implemented a social sharing platform to operate for 15MM+ DAU
Lead Engineer developing talent and providing architecture, guidance and recruiting for two consumer product teams
Implemented PoC implementation to evangelize GraphQL by translating requests to our existing REST backend
Member of working group to rearchitect our web application to scale to increasing developers and experiments
Migrated application stacks to orchestrated container systems for cleaner deployment and management stories
Palo Alto, CA
May 2014 - September 2014
js python c++
Introduced a modern build proess and React to our data visualation and query web application
Migrated legacy PHP into Tornado backed Python stack
Built a flow control wrapper to enable evented async handling of long query operations
Tweaked Nginx and Tornado configuration and deployment to improve throughput
Out of Worlds
Sunnyvale, CA
December 2013 - May 2014
Founder / Engineer
js go opengl
Prototyped a WebGL based 3D online multiplayer game
Implemented lag mitigating network protocol in JS and Go over Websockets
Implemented a horizontally and dynamically scalable instanced game server
500Friends Inc
San Francisco, CA
August 2013 - December 2013
Senior Software Engineer
js c++
Built a platform for cross-compiling browser extensions to Chrome, Firefox and IE
Rebuilt templating and branding system for our rewards browser extensions
Rockmelt Inc
Mountain View, CA
November 2010 - August 2013
Software Engineer
js c++
Prototyped, designed and developed the core of Rockmelt's web application
Lead engineer of the Rockmelt web application team as we grew from 1 to 5
Evaluated Javascript libraries for performance and ergonomics with an eye for limiting our built footprint
Implemented a declarative Javascript web application framework for rapid iteration
Integrated core Facebook features into native UI of our Chromium derived browser
Northeastern University
Boston, MA
September 2006 - May 2010
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Science
GPA: 3.6 / 4
Deans List 2006-2010
Named One of Top 100 Influential Seniors
Received one of sixteen 2010 Outstanding Co-op Awards
First Place in 2010 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition